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CARTA Founding Director Christine G. H. Franck to Step Down

Christine G. H. Franck
Founding Director of CARTA, Christine Franck.

Christine G. H. Franck, founding director of CAP’s Center for Advanced Research in Traditional Architecture (CARTA), is stepping down from directing CARTA on October 31 to return to her practice in design and education. In four short years, she obtained university approval and external funding for the new center, which has been self-funded since 2015. Under Franck’s leadership CARTA has helped 30 students earn the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art Certificate in Classical Architecture; sent 19 students to prestigious programs in New York and Sweden; placed alumni in jobs with top firms around the country; created CAP’s first career fair; brought leading architects to lecture in Denver; organized CARTA’s first symposium; curated two exhibits; raised and awarded $60,900 in scholarships and awards to CAP students, and raised in gifts and pledges over $500,000 for CARTA.

Franck also assisted Students for Classical Architecture – CU Denver with their competitions and design awards, supported faculty in their classes related to traditional design, and taught CARTA’s continuing education classes. Franck has changed the design conversation in Denver through her study of “slot houses” (a term she coined) and, among other things, her service on city a task force now amending the city’s zoning code. She will continue to advocate for better design in Denver.

Franck said, “I am very honored to have had the opportunity to create CARTA at CAP. It is deeply rewarding to see CARTA’s positive impact on our faculty, students, and the community we serve. A center focused on traditional design is a first in our nation, continuing the University of Colorado Denver‘s leadership in diversity of thought. That the wisdom embodied in traditional design is available to students again heralds a more civil future for our built environment.” Franck is transferring the direction of CARTA into the capable hands of Professor of Architecture and CARTA Faculty Director Keith Loftin.


Student Work on Slot Houses Exhibited at Roth Sheppard Architects

Over the past semester, Professor Loftin’s studio has examined the Slot House typology that has developed in Denver, studied typical examples, and proposed new solutions. Students were able to use CARTA’s 2016 study, “Documenting Change in Denver,” participate in the City of Denver’s “Slot Home Task Force” with CARTA’s Director, and benefit from lectures by city planners, as well as reviews with developers, city council members, builders, and architects.

We are so pleased to see their contribution to this issue being exhibited at Roth Sheppard Architects. See below for further information about viewing the student work. As announced by Roth Sheppard Architects:

We are excited to announce the collaboration of Roth Sheppard Architects with the University of Colorado Denver, Laurence Keith Loftin III’s Studio IV. We invite you to come in, explore the students work and engage in the pressing issue of the Investigation and re-visioning of Denver’s “Slot House” The students have developed a range of solutions that will help us begin the dialogue on the Slot House typology.

We hope this conversation will help our city rephrase the issue at hand and progress toward more thoughtful and integrated designs. Guests will be welcome to come by our office between 9:00am and 4:00pm for a two week period, to view and discuss around our “Temenos Table.” We welcome developers, professionals in the field, along with any and all students within the University of Colorado Denver – College of Architecture and Planning. This is your chance to network and get involved on the subject.



Monday, May 15th – Friday, May 23rd
9:00am to 4:00pm


— A “slot home” is a multi-unit residential structure consisting of attached dwelling units arranged side-by-side and primarily perpendicular to the street. Most dwelling units have an individual, direct entrance to the exterior facing a side lot line or center pedestrian court. Individual vehicular garages are generally located beneath each unit. Slot homes are also sometimes called “sideways-facing town homes” or “fraux homes.” — City and County of Denver

Slot+House_Roth Sheppard

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