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Making Room for Traditional Architecture

Dean Mark Gelernter, PhD with Professor and Architect Robert Adam and CARTA Director, Christine G. H. Franck at Robert Adam’s lecture at CU Denver.

In 2012, Dr. Mark Gelernter, Dean of the College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Colorado Denver, authored an editorial opinion for Clem Labine’s Traditional Building Magazine regarding the growing interest in and some of the common reactions to incorporating traditional design methods and principles in modern architectural education.

With a lifetime of experience in design and higher education, his insights help one to consider how we can best teach the next generation of designers. We are proud to share his original essay here:

By Dr. Mark Gelernter

This spring, one of our graduate architecture design studios led by my colleague Professor Keith Loftin explored traditional design languages for a project in one of Denver’s most revered historic districts. Guest reviewers responded warmly to the work, noting the natural fit of a traditional building design in a traditional street. But as the reviewers tried to offer helpful comments to the students, several warning phrases popped up in the conversations. Paraphrased, they included:

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