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CARTA | 2016 | Year in Review

2016 has been a banner year for CARTA! As we close out this year, we wanted to take a moment and thank you for your support and highlight all we have accomplished toward our shared vision of a more beautiful, sustainable, and equitable built environment.

View a PDF of the CARTA | 2016 report here: CARTA | 2016, or link through the cover image below.

After learning more, we hope you will join our effort to make traditional design lessons available for architecture, landscape, and urban design students today by including us in your year end giving. A gift of any amount helps, for the future of traditional design in higher education is entirely in your hands.


Thank you all for your dedication, talent, and the inspiration that your work and wisdom provide us here as we help the phoenix of tradition rise anew,


Christine G. H. Franck
Director, CARTA


A Perspective on Classical Architectural Education

A Perspective on Classical Architectural Education

We’ve added a link to the video of a new lecture delivered by CARTA Director Christine G. H. Franck at the University of Notre Dame’s School of Architecture for Thomas Gordon Smith’s retirement colloquium, “Classical Architecture: Explore, Build, Teach,” for which she explored different perspectives on classical architectural education.

Click on the link above or the image below to watch.

What have your experiences of education in classical and traditional architecture been?



Rule and Invention in Classical Architecture: A Lecture by Thomas Gordon Smith

Rule and Invention in Classical Architecture: A Lecture by Thomas Gordon Smith, Architect and Professor of Architecture, University of Notre Dame

CARTA was honored to help bring Thomas Gordon Smith to lecture in Denver, for The 2nd Clinton Family Fund Lecture, organized by the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art Rocky Mountain Chapter and CARTA. At this event, Bruce and Martha Clinton had an opportunity to meet the inaugural class of The Clinton Scholars, students at CU Denver’s College of Architecture and Planning interested in the mission of CARTA and supported in their efforts with scholarships from The Clinton Family Fund. CARTA’s mission is to advance the interdisciplinary study and practice of traditional architecture, building craft, landscape architecture and urban design through spirited debate, rigorous education and transformative research so we may improve the built environment and people’s quality of life. Click on the link above to watch CARTA’s third lecture with architect, professor, and former Chairman of the Department of Architecture at the University of Notre Dame.

Dean and CARTA Faculty Director Mark Gelernter, PhD, (second from left) visits with guest lecturer Professor and Architect Thomas Gordon Smith (right), and CAP alumna Samantha White (MArch 2014) (left), and guest.

Making Room for Traditional Architecture

Dean Mark Gelernter, PhD with Professor and Architect Robert Adam and CARTA Director, Christine G. H. Franck at Robert Adam’s lecture at CU Denver.

In 2012, Dr. Mark Gelernter, Dean of the College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Colorado Denver, authored an editorial opinion for Clem Labine’s Traditional Building Magazine regarding the growing interest in and some of the common reactions to incorporating traditional design methods and principles in modern architectural education.

With a lifetime of experience in design and higher education, his insights help one to consider how we can best teach the next generation of designers. We are proud to share his original essay here:

By Dr. Mark Gelernter

This spring, one of our graduate architecture design studios led by my colleague Professor Keith Loftin explored traditional design languages for a project in one of Denver’s most revered historic districts. Guest reviewers responded warmly to the work, noting the natural fit of a traditional building design in a traditional street. But as the reviewers tried to offer helpful comments to the students, several warning phrases popped up in the conversations. Paraphrased, they included:

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