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From Homemaking to Placemaking

We’re delighted to re-blog Hugh Kavanaugh’s experience on the inaugural European Summer School in Classical Architecture sponsored by the International Network of Traditional Building, Architecture, and Urbanism and the Ax:son Johnson Foundation. Home and place are indeed critical issues today in architecture, urban design, landscape, and planning.

The Impractical Architect

“Architecture that doesn’t respect the past is not respecting the present, because it is not respecting peoples’ primary need from architecture, which is to build a long standing home.” – Roger Scruton


I have a lot of baggage in regards to architecture. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be an architect. But when I finally got the chance to study architecture, I failed… dropping out in my third year of study. What I was being taught in college had no bearing whatsoever on what I considered to be architecture, so I turned my back on my studies and instead worked in archaeology over the past 20 years as a surveyor.

However in more recent years I began to become interested in architecture again. This came about mainly by being offered more work carrying out historical building surveys and by discovering INTBAU.

Although my interest in…

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