The Ruth Falkenberg Library Collection

The Ruth Falkenberg Library Collection

Donated from her father’s library, the Ruth Falkenberg Library Collection focuses on various American and European architectural traditions, typography, and key texts useful to the practicing architect and builder. William Stevens Falkenburg was born in 1927 in Kansas City, Missouri and earned his Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering at the University of Colorado in 1949. Among other positions he was President of Falkenberg Construction Company in Denver from the 1950s through the 1980s and a development consultant.

The Students’ Edition of the Georgian Period: Colonial Details of Measured Drawings UPC Book Company New York 1922
Styles Regionaux: Collection Plaisir de France Baschet & Co., Editeur Paris
Styles Regionaux: Collection Plaisir de France, Vol. 2 Baschet & Co., Editeur Paris.
Maisons Traditionelles Plaisir de France, Editeur Paris
Les Styles Français: Le Mobilier du Moyen Age à la Révolution Éditions Plaisir de France Paris 1964
La Decoration, Collection Connaissance des Arts Hachette 1963
Audsley, W & G Designs and Patterns from Historic Ornament Dover Publications New York 1968
Baker, Earl P. and Harold S. Langland Architectural Metal Handbook National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers 1952
Barry, Joseph The House Beautiful Treasury of Contemporary American Homes Hawthorn Books Inc New York 1958
Hamlin, Talbot Architecture Through the Ages GP Putnam Sons New York 1940
Ishimoto, Kiyoko and Tatsuo The Japanese House: Its Interior and Exterior Crown Publisher, Inc New York 1963
King, A. Rowden Realtors’ Guide to Architecture Prentice Hall NY 1954
Krenov, James The Fine Art of Cabinetmaking Von Nostrand Reinhold New York 1977
Laffont, Robert Nouvelles réussites de la décoration française, 1960-1966, L’Interprétation modern des styles traditionnels par les éditions condé Nast 1966
Lockwood, Luke Vincent Colonial Furniture in America Castle Books New York 1957
Longyear, William Type and Lettering Watson-Guptill New York 1951
Maass, John The Gingerbread Age Clark, Irwin & Company Toronto 1957
Pickering, Ernest Architectural Design John Wiley & Sons New York 1941
Porter, Francis Marion and James Thoburn Lendrum Architectural Projections  John S. Swift, Co. St Louis 1942
Pratt, Richard The Second Treasury of Early American Homes Hawthorn Books Inc New York 1954
Russell, J.B., Compiler Alphabets: Ancient and Modern Padell Book Company New York 1945
Schroeder, Franci de N. Anatomy for Interior Designers Whitney Publications 1951
Shipway, Verna Cook and Warren Shipway The Mexican House Old and New Architectural Book Publishing Company New York 1960
Shipway, Verna Cook and Warren Shipway Mexican Interiors Architectural Book Publishing Company New York 1962
Vitruvius, Morris Hicky Morgan, Translator The Ten Books on Architecture Dover Publications New York 1960
Wallace, Philip B. Colonial Ironwork in Old Philadelphia Bonanza Books New York 1930
Wallace, Philip B. and Joseph Hergesheimer Colonial Houses: Pre-Revolutionary Period Philadelphia Bonanza Books New York 1931
Williamsburg Reproductions Interior Design for Today’s Living The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation 1977
Williamsburg Restoration Reproductions A Selection from Craft House Williamsburg Virginia 1960
Yoshida, Tetsuro The Japanese House and Garden Frederick A. Preager New York 1955



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